About Us

Turning Point Center of Addison County is located on 54 A1 Creek Road next to the new recreation center, in Middlebury, VT. The Center is a member of the Vermont Recovery Network (VRN), which is a system of 9 community centers that focus on support for individuals and their families seeking recovery from alcohol and other addictions. It is the only statewide substance-abuse recovery system in the country.

Our recovery support services help people rebuild their lives and become productive members of society. Members and volunteer staff provide peer support, evidence-based services, educational programs, and recovery training in a safe and supportive environment. The Center is staffed by well-trained, knowledgeable people–primarily volunteers–who can connect individuals to appropriate community resources. Here at the Turning Point we collaborate extensively with other community organizations. This effort helps reduce redundancy of current community programs.

Our Center often serves as the front door for addiction treatment. Our dedicated staff help people get into recovery while they’re waiting to get into treatment. A third of the people coming to the centers start their recovery without treatment, while many others receive support before, during, and after treatment.

Funding for the Turning Point Center is an investment in reducing incarceration, recidivism and other social expenses. It’s the right thing to do, and it’s cost effective. At current funding levels, keeping just one person out of prison for a year roughly pays for one center’s entire annual state grant. Our need for more funding has grown tremendously over the years as the depth of our services has increased.

As a non-profit organization the Center depends on donations and grants.  Donations are always welcome, recovery from addictive behavior is a community investment, and your help is always appreciated and desperately needed.


President: Art Howard
Vice President:Brian Valley
Secretary: Phoebe Barash
Treasurer: Joe Pearl
Member: Gigi Valley


Executive Director: Stacy Jones