New meetings times and activities!

Take a look at our updated calendar for new meeting times, new activities, and new opportunities to learn, share, and grow!


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Hours Change!

As the days get shorter and colder, the Turning Point hopes to help the community by providing a warm, friendly, safe social space. To that end, we are changing our Saturday hours to be open 5pm-9pm! The 10am meeting will still take place, but this will allow us to plan more activities and events for the weekend evening hours.

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Addiction Help VT

A new site recently went live that offers help to anyone looking for any information about addiction and recovery. Built in collaboration with local students, it aims to provide information and resources to those in need.

Please visit Addiction Help VT at !

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Fall Calendar

Our fall calendar has been updated and is available for viewing here and on our meetings & events page.


Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 802 388 4249 or with any questions!

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Job Skills for Recovery workshop starting now!

It’s no secret that people in recovery face additional obstacles when applying for jobs. In addition to navigating questions about job loss or gaps in employment, those in recovery may have special requirements–such as doctor’s visits for those using medication-assisted treatment–that can make it hard to find and keep employment.

The Turning Point Center is dedicated to helping people in recovery lead happy, healthy, fulfilling lives, so we are teaming up with several local organizations to run a series of workshops called “Job Skills for Recovery.” If you or someone you know is looking for employment or a change of employment, get in contact with us at 388 4249 or and we’ll see if Job Skills in Recovery is a good fit for you!


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