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Turning Point Center of Addison County is located on 54 A Creek Road next to the recreation center in Middlebury, VT. Turning Point Center is part of the Vermont Recovery Network (VRN),  a system of 9 member and 3 affiliate peer recovery centers that focus on support for individuals and their families seeking recovery from substance use disorder and other addictions. It is the only statewide substance use disorder recovery system in the country.

Our recovery support services help people rebuild their lives and become productive and engaged members of society. Volunteers and staff provide peer support, evidence-based services, educational programs, and recovery training in a safe and supportive environment. The Center is staffed by trained, knowledgeable people with a vested interest in recovery–primarily volunteers–who can connect individuals to appropriate community resources and offer one-to-one support. Turning Point Center regularly collaborates with other community organizations in an effort to help reduce redundancy of current community programs and provide the widest possible range of services and supports.

Our Center often serves as the front door for addiction treatment. Our dedicated staff help people get into recovery while they’re waiting to get into treatment. A third of the people coming to the centers start their recovery without treatment, while many others receive support before, during, and after treatment.

Funding for Turning Point Center is an investment in reducing incarceration, recidivism and other social expenses. Perhaps most importantly it is an investment in our future and quality of life.  At current funding levels, keeping just one person out of prison for a year nearly pays for one center’s entire annual state grant. Our need for more funding support from our community has grown tremendously over the years as the depth of, and demand for, our services has increased.

As a non-profit organization, our center depends on donations and grants to continue offering free programs and supports.
Donations are always welcome. Recovery from substance use disorder and addictive behavior is a community investment, and your help is always needed and appreciated.


President: Brian Valley

Brian Valley is currently a real estate broker/Realtor® who has worked in Addison County since 2005. Born and raised in Addison County, Brian returned to Middlebury after living in Hawaii for many years working with The Nature Conservancy of Hawaii. During this time he served as Board Vice President for the Coalition for a Drug Free Lana’i, volunteered with the American Red Cross Disaster Assistance Team, Ka Hale a Ke Ola Homeless Resource Center among others. Brian has personal experience with the devastating impact that addiction can and has had on family and friends. He has served on the board of the Turning Point Center of Addison County for almost ten years. With broad experience working with non-profits and drug prevention programs Brian’s goal is to bring a message of hope and recovery to those suffering from a too often deadly disorder.


Vice President: Will Porter, MD

Will Porter is a family physician who has worked in Addison County since 1999. Since 2014 his practice has been devoted exclusively to medication assisted treatment. Will’s goal is to promote prevention and recovery from substance use in our community. He views the Turning Point Center as critical to fostering a thriving and resilient Addison County.
A 1984 graduate of Middlebury College, Will is grateful for the opportunity to live, work and raise his children here.





Secretary: Phoebe Barash

Phoebe Barash has been a resident of Addison County for most of the last 45 years. Professionally Phoebe has served in the education community and as a mediator. Recovery from addiction has touched Phoebe in many ways personally and professionally. She has seen firsthand the power of peer
to peer support and the power that has to give people hope and purpose. Phoebe has seen that a way to give back to the recovery community in Addison County is to serve as a board member and provide hands on support for the important work being done right here in Addison County.




Interim Treasurer: Bob Donnis

Bob Donnis is a retired Bristol resident after a career at IBM, and then Efficiency Vermont. Bob volunteers in Addison County (Turning Point Center, AC Committee on Substance Use and Prevention, United Way). Bob is also a member of the Mt Health Center Board. Bob has witnessed the impact of addiction to family and friends. He has seen that, although difficult, recovery is achievable. People can recover their lives. Bob is committed to helping the Turning Point Center assist people obtain and maintain their recovery.





Member: Danielle Wallace, RC

Danielle is a native of Mount Desert Island, Maine. She moved to Addison County in August of 2016. Danielle completed her bachelor’s degree in Mental Health and Human Services with an Addiction focus through the University of Maine at Augusta in August 2017. She participated in a two-semester senior internship with WomenSafe in Middlebury as a domestic and sexual violence advocate. She has continued to work with Womensafe as a part-time advocate. She is currently employed at the Addison County Restorative Justice Services as the Court Diversion, Driving License Suspended, and Youth Substance Abuse Safety Program. She is in the process of achieving her Master of Art in Restorative Justice through Vermont Law School. She currently lives in Vergennes with her two-year-old daughter. They continue to enjoy exploring the natural beauty that Vermont has to offer.


Member: Gigi Valley


Executive Director: Stacy Jones, RC

Stacy Jones is the executive director of the Turning Point Center of Addison County, a role responsible for ensuring the long term viability of the organization through fundraising, building community relations, establishing recovery support services, and ensuring that the organization adheres to its Mission Statement. Stacy comes from a years long history of advocating in areas such as, domestic violence, stable housing, quality addiction treatment care, and affordable childcare. It is Stacy’s passion in life, both professionally and personally, to advocate for and support those who may need an extra hand navigating life’s challenges.   

In the office Stacy spends her days modeling core recovery values, sharing her organizational vision, focusing on continuing improvement of the recovery services offered in Addison County, empowering others, and being a community leader building a culture that values learning and human experience. Out of the office, you’ll find Stacy doing much the same things; save for the occasional break to build Legos or talk “ninja moves” with her 5 year old son, or chat anime trends and cats with her teenage daughter.  


Program/Media Coordinator: Justin Bouchard, RC

Originally from Exeter NH and now residing in Middlebury VT, Justin Bouchard is the program/media coordinator at Turning Point Center of Addison County. Justin identified Turning Point as a recovery home upon his arrival in Vermont, and began volunteering about a year and a half later. Valuing the culture of peer recovery, wishing to further his understanding of peer recovery work, and fulfill his desire to help others find recovery, Justin made the decision to move away from his career in carpentry and take a full-time position with Turning Point.

When not updating Turning Point’s Facebook, chatting programs, or getting new volunteers up to speed, you might find Justin spending time with his girlfriend, walking his dog, gaming, or on a pair of skates.


Bookkeeper/Office Manager: Talena Jestice

Talena Jestice is the bookkeeper and office manager at Turning Point Center of Addison County. With a background in bookkeeping and file systems implementation, Talena prefers to remain mostly behind the scenes, keeping things running smoothly from payroll to bill pay and thank you notes to file management.

On her days off, Talena’s inclination toward the quiet life persist. When not tending her plants or exploring her collection of stamps, you might find her on a trail hike around Middlebury.    




MAT Guide:
Krystal Turnbaugh, RC

Krystal Turnbaugh is the MAT Guide at Turning Point Center of Addison County. Her role is to act as a liaison for people in or seeking medication assisted treatment as well as a community educator on recovery resources.

Krystal spent a number of years volunteering after graduating from Burlington High School before her personal life experiences led her to discover her passion for helping others seeking a life in recovery.

Krystal lives in Addison County with her family and holds a BA in nursing.



Youth Outreach Worker: Roy Erno, RC

Roy Erno is the Youth Outreach Worker at Turning Point Center of Addison County. In his role, Roy leverages his life experiences to engage youth and the recovery community at large. Roy believes that youth are the most critical demographic in curbing troubling substance use trends; passionate about prevention and education.

Roy is approachable and family oriented taking pride in his recovery; he believes strongly in giving back to his community. His vision is making a safer and more connected community through his work at Turning Point. Roy feels very optimistic about the positive changes a recovery oriented community can make.

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