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Writers for Recovery helps people discover the power of the written word to process trauma, build self-esteem, and support healthy, sustained recovery. Their work has helped people across Vermont gain new perspectives on addiction and recovery. And it’s helped reduce the stigma of addiction by showing that people in recovery can make valuable contributions to their communities and lead rich, fulfilling lives. Addiction has devastated our communities, pushed our healthcare systems to the limit, and torn countless families apart. In such an environment, the need for recovery resources is more important than ever. Writers for Recovery’s goal as an organization is to expand their work of Writers for Recovery across New England so that they can provide more support to help individuals and communities win the battle against addiction. Join Gary Miller at Turning Point Center of Addison County Wednesday’s at 6pm, beginning November 28th, 2018. This Writers For Recovery workshop runs for 10 weeks, is free of charge to participants and requires no special skills or previous writing experience. Everyone is welcome; sign-up today! (sign-up is not required, but allows us to gauge materials needed to run the workshop) Please note the last name field may be left blank, and the email address is optional and will only be used in the event of a weather, or other, cancellation.

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