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Recovery Coaching

Recovery Coaches work with people who are experiencing addiction, people who are actively in recovery, or with people who are concerned about someone else’s substance use. For short-term or long-term support,  a coach helps people to: create a vision for their recovery; identify and remove barriers to recovery; navigate through the human services system; access community resources; connect with recovery services, including treatment facilities, recovery centers, mutual support groups; and help motivate change in any part of life. Learn more about Recovery Coaching by calling 802 388-4249 or emailing now!

Impaired Driver Rehabilitation Program

The Impaired Driver Rehabilitation Program (IDRP) (formerly known as Project CRASH) provides people convicted of driving under the influence with the opportunity to openly examine facts about alcohol and other drugs, and discuss the role these substances play in their life. If you are convicted of driving under the influence, you must successfully complete the IDRP before your privilege to drive can be reinstated. If treatment is required, you must successfully complete a treatment program with a licensed alcohol and drug counselor. The program evaluator (CARTER Vermont) will explain the process and requirements at your intake evaluation. For more information or evaluation, please contact Rick Barnett;
Phone: (802) 373-1434 [talk or text] Email:

Mindful Recovery (formerly Refuge Recovery)

Mindful Recovery is a non-theistic, Buddhist-inspired approach to recovery from addictions of all kinds. It is a community of people dedicated to the practices of mindfulness, compassion, forgiveness, and generosity, using meditation and kindness to heal the pain and suffering that addiction has caused in their lives and in the lives of those around them.

Currently meeting on Zoom Tuesdays 6:00pm-7:00pm
For Zoom information, please email

SMART Recovery

SMART Recovery is a science-based program to help people manage their recovery from any type of addictive behavior. This includes addiction to substances such as alcohol, nicotine, or drugs, or behaviors such as gambling, sex, eating, self-harming, ect.

SMART stands for Self-Management And Recovery Training

Medication Assisted Peer Support

Welcoming all to support one another by sharing hope and experience through open and honest discussion of the benefits and challenges of medication assisted treatment in recovery.

Recovery Friendly Yoga

“A come-as-you-are yoga practice for anyone needing a safe, non-judgmental space to move, breathe, or just be. I’ll offer class in the same sequence every week so that you know what to expect. I’ll invite you to do gentle joint movements, conscious breathing, flow sequences, strength-building shapes, a little more breathing, and a short rest to finish up. I’ll move through the class with you and offer options throughout. No experience necessary. All are welcome!”

Currently meeting on Zoom, Sundays 11:30am
For more information, email

Recovery Support through Energetic Healing

Learn how to access and support your 9 energy centers through meditation, chakra balancing and Healing Touch. 90- minute sessions will provide information and practical suggestions for working with your own energy as well as hands on healing from a trained professional. Experience first-hand, shifts in your vibrational field, while learning how to create and maintain this for yourself. Sessions are every other Monday.

Currently offering individual and virtual one on one sessions.
For more information call Stacey Gibbs at (802) 734-5908 or email

All-Recovery Meetings

These facilitated groups are open to people in recovery from any addiction, and are supportive of all paths to recovery. Come find common ground with peers and discuss the challenges and joys of a life in recovery. Meetings are every Wednesday at 3pm at the Turning Point Center–call 802 388-4249 for more information or email

Making Recovery Easier

12-Step Groups can provide a very supportive path to recovery, but there are many misconceptions about them. This six-session workshop helps participants learn about the benefits of 12-Step membership. Call 802 388-4249 for more information or email

Writers For Recovery

Writers for Recovery helps people discover the power of the written word to process trauma, build self-esteem, and support healthy, sustained recovery. Their work has helped people across Vermont gain new perspectives on addiction and recovery. And it’s helped reduce the stigma of addiction by showing that people in recovery can make valuable contributions to their communities and lead rich, fulfilling lives. Addiction has devastated our communities, pushed our healthcare systems to the limit, and torn countless families apart. In such an environment, the need for recovery resources is more important than ever. Writers for Recovery’s goal as an organization is to expand their work of Writers for Recovery across New England so that they can provide more support to help individuals and communities win the battle against addiction. Also check out the WFR podcast at:

Friends and Family in Support of Recovery

FFSR is a peer-led support group for any adult with a loved one who has experienced or is experiencing substance use disorder. Gain insight from the challenges and successes of others facing similar experiences.

Currently meeting online Wednesdays 6:00-7:00pm.
or call in: (872) 240-3311, Access Code: 530-324-389.



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