Narcan Device Recall

Naloxone/Narcan® Device Recall

On November 2, 2016, naloxone (Narcan®) kit manufacturer Teleflex Medical  issued a voluntary recall for the older overdose rescue kits because the atomizer device producing a stream instead of a fine mist, which can reduce the effectiveness of the medication.

  • As  of June 2016, Health Department had already switched to the new naloxone  delivery device that is not affected by the recall.
  • Additional supplies have been ordered to ensure  an  adequate number of the new kits is on hand to cover any needed replacements.
  • There is no shortage in Vermont of naloxone overdose rescue kits.
  • Anyone  who wants a naloxone  kit, or who has the recalled device,  can get the new version from their nearest naloxone distribution pilot site.

Recalled Device:         If you have this version of the device, contact a naloxone distribution pilot site for a replacement:

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