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What is harm reduction?

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Harm reduction refers to policies, programs and practices that aim to minimize negative health, social and legal impacts associated with drug use, drug policies and drug laws. Harm reduction is grounded in justice and human rights – it focuses on positive change and on working with people without judgement, coercion, discrimination, or requiring that they stop using drugs as a precondition of support.

Harm reduction encompasses a range of health and social services and practices that apply to illicit and licit drugs. These include, but are not limited to, drug consumption rooms, needle and syringe programs, non-abstinence-based housing and employment initiatives, drug checking, overdose prevention and reversal, psychosocial support, and the provision of information on safer drug use. Approaches such as these are cost-effective, evidence-based and have a positive impact on individual and community health.


Vermont CARES (vtcares.org)

Vermont CARES provides life-saving harm reduction services, education, and resources to Vermonters affected by HIV, Hepatitis C, and substance use by increasing access to care, reducing social stigmas and building relationships.


Better Life Partners (betterlifepartners.com)

Serving VT, NH, MA, and ME, Better Life Partners is an online resource that offers wrap around services for Substance Use Treatment and medical & behavioral health care. This includes MAT, physicians, coaches, and therapists all working together on your side.


Harm Reduction

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