The Impaired Driver Rehabilitation Program (IDRP) (formerly known as Project CRASH) provides people convicted of driving under the influence with the opportunity to openly examine facts about alcohol and other drugs, and discuss the role these substances play in their life. If you are convicted of driving under the influence, you must successfully complete the IDRP before your privilege to drive can be reinstated. If treatment is required, you must successfully complete a treatment program with a licensed alcohol and drug counselor. The program evaluator (CARTER Vermont) will explain the process and requirements at your intake evaluation.

CARTER, Inc. is contracted with the State of VT, Dept. of Health, to help individuals complete the requirements through the IDRP process. Classes take place ONLINE every other weekend, Sat/Sun 12pm-5pm. Text or Call 802-373-2909 or email to register. The cost is set by the State of VT. Online counseling is also available as part of the requirement for some every Mon/Wed 5pm-6pm. Visit for more info!

For more information or to schedule an evaluation:

Contact Name: Rick Barnett
Phone: 802.373.1434 [talk or text]

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