Recovery Coaching

Turning Point’s Recovery Coaching Program

Recovery Coaches work with people experiencing problems with their use of drugs and alcohol, people who are already in recovery, and people who are concerned about someone else’s substance use. They see a person as being in recovery when they start considering life changes that undo the damage caused by alcohol and drug use. Coaches help people plan and make positive changes.

Recovery Coaches help people by asking searching questions. Then they help with making decisions and plans that will improve lives, one step at a time. Coaches help find the resources needed to reclaim lives derailed by addiction. Some people need detox, treatment, and access to other community services. Many people need help with meeting basic needs like housing, food, heat, clothing, and transportation, while others want help with relationships and improving the quality of their lives. People often need help getting connected with others in recovery who they can relate to. Recovery coaches help when people in recovery run into problems: dealing with health issues, finding health insurance, parenting problems, relationships with partners and family, and financial problems. Coaches help people consider solutions to these problems, help develop plans to solve them, and provide support in following through.

Recovery Coaches work with people on all paths to recovery. They don’t diagnose or treat addiction or other mental health issues. Recovery coaching focuses on the future. It does not explore past feelings or trauma. Coaches support ongoing positive change, helping people who have sought treatment to avoid relapse. They also help people reentering the community from the criminal justice system. Recovery Coaches help people surround themselves with support for reclaiming lives in recovery. It is an action-oriented approach. Coaches emphasize improving someone’s present life, while helping them to consider, establish and attain future goals.

Here at the Turning Point we currently have four (7) Coaches willing to assist you with your recovery.  Please contact the Program Director Stacy Jones at 802-349-7770 or 802-388-4249 to fined out how you can be introduced to a Coach.  (This is a free service provided by dedicated volunteer Recovery Coaches)


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